They call Jesus the new Adam, but God said that it was not good for man to be alone, so where is the new Eve? We refer to the church as the bride of Christ, Eve was the bride of Adam; therefore if Jesus is the New Adam then the church must be the New Eve. Which means that our entire focus, our sole purpose as the Church of Jesus is to pursue a perfect, intimate relationship with Him. What could we accomplish if the people of the church realized this as their new identity and began to take hold of it? What if instead of waiting to die God’s intention was for us to be apart of the restoration process by bringing “shalom” to earth as it was at creation. Becoming Eve was created as a way to learn together how to assume our identity as the New Eve and what that identity means for the world around us. So here is to learning how to Become Eve together and in so doing bring “shalom” to Earth now.