Book of Positivity


For as long as I can remember there has been a constant struggle between peace and anxiety for control of my internal dialogue. Many years ago I made the decision that anxiety would NOT define who I was and through work and prayer was able to break free from it. However, since being hormonal with this pregnancy and facing so many seasons of change those anxious thoughts rared their ugly head.

Since the day we saw those two pink lines, our entire world has been tossed into a whirlwind. Nothing has been stable. Our five year plan was tossed out the window, I lost my job, and was facing some pretty serious physical complications with the pregnancy (the baby is totally fine, my body just hates being pregnant). Some days it all becomes overwhelming, and if I start down the rabbit trail my mind fills with every possible scenario that could go wrong. One negative thought leads me to doubting my ability to be a mom, doubting my husband, questioning my own health and that of the baby, and doubting our ability to financially support a new person on only one income.

Recently while scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook a friend opened up about her struggle with rampant negative thoughts. Through her struggle she has found a way to counter lies that overwhelm her mind with the truth. This was something our family NEEDED to be actively pursuing so I stole her idea and created my own Book Of Positivity. This tool has been immensely helpful over the last few days and encourages my anxious spirit to pursue truth in prayer rather than worry.

This was something I wanted to share with all of you, and it can be tailored to your specific needs! Praying truth, health, and peace over my family has been my key focus. However you can use this for whatever area you are struggling.

Book of Positivity

Book Of Positivity


This really is the easiest thing you could ever make. I bought a ton of note cards, a hole punch, a binding ring, and some markers. (I am not by any means artsy, so my “Book” looks super boring, feel free to let your creativity reign however much, or little, you would like.)

Whenever a negative thought pops into my head, rather than letting my mind take off running into doubtsville, I counter it with the truth I WANT and KNOW my family can have. I then back this truth up with scripture, write it out in a pretty color along with the verses tagline, then add it to the binding ring. Simple!

I sat down and wrote out the first ten all in one morning. Intentionally countering things I have found constantly pop into my head. Since then I have been adding as thoughts come along. Below are some of the truths I have written out.

sample 1

“My child rests in the wings of God protected from harm and wickedness” 

Psalms 91

Since being pregnant I have struggled with fear that I will do or eat something that will harm my precious little one. This poem is a beautiful reminder that God holds each of us close to his heart, and no harm will come near us. By claiming this truth I am trusting God to protect our kiddo and refusing to let fear and anxiety overwhelm.


“We are wise and faithful stewards of all God has given.”

Proverbs 10:4 and 2 Corinthians 9:7

Since we got married in 2015 my husband and I have been diligent in becoming good stewards. I have always feared we are not doing our job as stewards of money well. These verses claim truth about being cheerful givers, and the reward of being diligent. We are by no means perfect, but this truth reminds me that we are diligent and seeking what is best for our family. By wording it into a statement I am CLAIMING this for us. I am a firm believer in the power of words when we claim God’s truth we change our mind and therefore change our lives.


“My child has a focus on God and is full of peace.”

Philippians 4:6

Since finding out we were going to have a baby I made it a point to pray that my child would NOT inherit the anxiety and depression genes. Declaring daily that this little one will be full of peace and joy, exuding these fruits every day of its life. This scripture obviously needed to end up in the book, as a reminder to never cease praying for my child’s spirit. Again claiming truth is power!

This little book is easy to toss in my purse or backpack, and I can pull it out whenever I need. Combating anxiety is not an easy task, having truths tangible and easy to find makes things a little less overwhelming. These are the truths that my family needs in this season, however you can create your own with whatever you need at the moment.


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